The Daniel Ricciardo Young driver Academy is run at every round of our race series on a Saturday morning.

The DRS Academy is a perfect way for young drivers from 7 years old to come and try out the Ricciardo kart DR62 for the first time under supervision of our Official DRS driver coaches without you having to actually purchase a kart at this point.

The sessions start with a classroom safety briefing for our young drivers before moving on track in a car as passengers with an instructor to show the pit lane exit and entrance, racing lines and braking points. The idea is to give our young drivers the confidence to go out on to an outdoor racing circuit for the first time.

With the Daniel Ricciardo driver academy a positive first driving experience is our primary goal for all our young drivers.

The DRS academy uses a system of cones around the circuit to signify and guide young drivers on their braking points, as well as cone gated entry points to each corner to teach the racing line and correct corner apexes.

The DRS Young driver Academy awards certificates to all young drivers who complete our Academy and is a memorable experience !

The DRS driver evaluation is our driving test that all drivers must pass before being allowed to race. The evaluation teaches all our drivers the racing flags and meanings and all safety aspects of racing.

No driver ever fails the DRS driver evaluation, we keep working until each driver is competent, confident and safe and ready to race !

Now it’s time to buy them a Kart Mum and Dad !

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