2024 Daniel Ricciardo Series Club membership Arrive n Drive driver

COST: £195

To be eligible to race in the 2024 Daniel Ricciardo Series Arrive n Drive you must have a Super KX Motorsport UK licence. If you need to get this licence, you must attend at least one DRS Arrive n Drive Academy day. On a DRS Academy day you will be coached and evaluated on track and you will also complete a simple written test on racing flags and race procedures to ensure your competence and safety on track.

The Daniel Ricciardo Series 2024 Club membership includes the following benefits

  • An Official DRS 2024 T shirt
  • A DRS Visor sticker.
  • LIVE Streaming of the DRS 4 rounds via the Daniel Ricciardo Series You Tube and Face book Channel with your driver profile picture included.
  • Exclusive access to the Daniel Ricciardo Series Members Area with circuit maps and info links for each round from Dec 1st 2023.