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About The DRS Arrive n Drive Series

About The DRS Arrive n Drive Series



  • Our aim is to give as many 8 to 13 year olds the opportunity to race in the Daniel Ricciardo Series racing inside a full blown Motorsport UK DRS race meeting without you having to purchase your own DRS Ricciardo Kart!


  • The Daniel Ricciardo Series provide your DRS Ricciardo N32 kart for you to race -  drivers just simply turn up drive and race!


  • You will be racing the same race format as the DRS Ricciardo kart owner drivers with a  10 min warm up, 8 min qualifying, 10 min race heat,  10 min pre final and a 12 min Grand Final - a total of 50 mins track time!


  • Drivers will experience “The real racing experience” racing on a higher level compared to any other arrive and drive Championships or venues.


  • If the Daniel Ricciardo Series race director declares a race meeting "wet" then we will fit WET tyres to our arrive n drive DRS Ricciardo karts in order to give drivers the chance to learn and race properly in very wet conditions!


  • Drivers can race from the age of 7 if they are in the year of their 8th birthday and up the 31st December of their 13th birthday.


  • To be eligible to race there is a minimum driver height of 1m 25cms and dressed in their full race gear helmet, suit, rib protector, boots and gloves the minimum driver weight is 27kg.


  • In order to race in the 2024 Daniel Ricciardo Series for arrive n drive cadet. To get your Motorsport UK licence you must attend at least one of our Daniel Ricciardo Series Academy days where you can take part in practice sessions whilst the DRS team evaluate your driving , ability, awareness, and safety.
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  • The Daniel Ricciardo Series Arrive n Drive Academy days take place on a Saturday at every Daniel Ricciardo Series Race weekend. Drivers must complete an DRS Academy day of 4 x 10mins sessions. The day includes a detailed briefing and track walk , pre event racing flag homework, drving evaluation and coaching plus a simulation practice start. If your driver passes they wil recieve a DRS certificate and will be race ready!


  • Daniel Ricciardo Series Academy sessions £95 Inc VAT per driver.


  • You will require a RS Clubman licence which is free by applying via RS Clubman ( This enables you to test and try out the DRS Ricciardo N32 karts at a DRS Academy day subject to availability.


  • The minimum driver height is 1m 25cms.


  • There are two categories of the DRS Ricciardo Arrive N Drive Cadet
  • DRS35 which is 35kgs driver class weight with min driver weight of 27kgs.
  • DRS45 which is 45kgs driver class weight with a min driver weight of 41kgs.


  • In each category the driver must achieve the class weight, if you are below the class weight then you must purchase some of our unique ballast weights (2.5kg each ballast) to make up the difference to ensure  you comply or are just over the class weight to comply with DRS Arrive n Drive regulations.


  • To race in DRS45 the driver must be a minimum of 41KGS and then you must purchase some of our unique ballast weights to make up the difference in weight to comply with DRS45.


  • Our unique quick release ballast system allows drivers and parents to attach their extra ballast quickly and efficiently when getting into their allocated kart on the pre grid before every race.


  • The 2024 Daniel Ricciardo Series for arrive n drive cadets is a National Series with 8 rounds with your best 7 scores to count!  (click for race-calendarthe cost per round to race is £295.00 Inc VAT per driver. 


For Different Driver Sizes We Have Easily Adjustable Steering Positions

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Adjustable Pedals With 8 Different Positions

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Adjustable Seat Position With 6 Different Settings

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Plus Our Quick Release Weight Ballast System

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Saturday 20th July 2024 at Little Rissington kart circuit.