The exclusive racing series for Ricciardo Kart

Become a part of the Daniel Ricciardo Series and jumpstart your journey in the world of motorsports

Ages 8-12 yrs

Where it all begins… The DRS62 delivers the first driving experience for young drivers using the DRS young driver academy to start to develop their skills.

Ages 12-16 yrs

The first steps of real HP and grip for drivers from 11 years (but in the year of their 12th birthday) to 16 years old!

The DRS100 delivers more power and grip with impressive track performance to challenge young drivers as they continue to hone their skills.

Ages 15 yrs +

Serious HP and grip for drivers from 15 years old + for senior drivers!

The DRS125 delivers the ulitmate track performance with power and grip for our accomplished senior drivers making it the elite class in the Daniel Ricciardo Series!

“For youngsters to race in Daniel’ racing series is unique and for sure it will help them as they race towards their dreams and develop their racing skills, just as Daniel himself once did in karting on his way through the ranks to F1″
Andy Cox – CEO

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Next DRS Race…

Until Free Practice (FP1) starts of RD1 of the Daniel Ricciardo Series 2021 Season !