Serious HP and grip…

For drivers aged from 15 years old + At a starting price of £4695.00 + VAT the DRS125 delivers the ultimate track performance with power and grip for our accomplished senior drivers.

Visit our factory..

On purchasing your DRS125 Ricciardo kart you will be invited to our factory for a seat fitting and a detailed hand over which explains all you need to know about your new DRS125 Ricciardo kart.

Easy Kart 125cc engine pic

The DRS125 is the fastest kart in the DRS range of karts. The Ricciardo chassis kart frame and the DRS125 engine and its parts are all controlled by the Daniel Ricciardo Series. This system creates a level playing field on kart and engine performance and delivers a realistic racing budget. The DRS125 Ricciardo kart is a complete kart with combined serial numbers for kart, engine and electronics. Each kart detail is held on a secure database and can only be registered to one driver for the season. It is not permitted to be raced by anyone else apart from the registered driver in the exclusive Daniel Ricciardo Series.

AgeFrom 15 yrs + into infinity and beyond!
Category weight complete with driver:DRS125 Super 152kgs and DRS125 162kgs for 2023
Kart Chassis Ricciardo kart model:DRS R30 CY fitted with factory seat as standard.
Ricciardo kart graphicsRicciardo 2023 fitted as standard.
Steering wheelRicciardo as standard
Bodywork ColourKG 507 Front pod / KG508 Front Panel / Freeline Evo side pods.
ChassisTubeø 30 mm
Rear Axleø 40mmx1040mm DRS
Brake SystemHydraulic self adjusting
TyresVega SL4 ACR slicks
Engine125 cc 2 stroke IAME EK
Power28 HP
Service ScheduleTop end service 10 hours Full service 20 hours
CoolingAir Cooled
IgnitionElectronic TAG – electronic start/stop
CarburettorTillotson HLfixed jet
Combined chassis and engine weight dry74KG
OilExced EK